API Development

Devsleuths offer API development and API integration services spanning a wide range of industries.

We specialize in developing and integrating APIs for the Web, mobile applications, and cloud.

Developing API for Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Apps are being developed almost every day due to the increased usage of mobile phones and smartphones. We can develop APIs for your mobile apps, helping you to keep a check on the data usage, pay utility bills, and maintain account balance, etc.
  • Fix appointments and use GPS to find map locations.
Developing API for the Cloud

Cloud APIs enable the software to request data from services through a direct or indirect, vendor-specific, or cross-platform interface. Developers and administrators use cloud-based APIs to integrate applications into the cloud. Cloud-based APIs help in the following ways

  • There are some developers in the social networking domain who want to use apps like Twitter in newer ways. They enhance APIs by creating dedicated developer portals, where developers collaborate to write better code samples using innovative tools.
  • Google Drive helps you store and manage photos, videos, and docs on the cloud. It is made possible through API development for the cloud.
Developing API for Web-based Services

Acting as an interface for the webserver as well as the web browser, a web API is a framework that is used for developing HTTP services, which are required in browsers, mobile devices, and tablets. Device compatibility can be achieved using web APIs. They also help web apps to access

  • Information about a device, like the status of its battery.
  • Information is stored on devices like contacts, calendars, tasks, etc.
Custom API Development Service Offerings

At Devsleuths Solutions, we cater to your web API development and API development services-related requirements. We look forward to building APIs to suit your varying business models and ensure coherent and consistent integration with as many apps as possible. We are the one-stop-shop where almost all your API development requirements can be fulfilled.

In addition to providing core API development, we also offer –

  • Documentation – We provide extensive documentation to assist developers to perceive and master the API. Samples and exceptions are furnished, making it easy to grasp.
  • Security – Strict standards are followed for the security of your far-reaching and exposed data on the open web world. Multi-level access is possible with assurance to fair usage aided by API key and Secret Key.
  • Statistics – Encyclopedic and sophisticated dashboard to view API users and their usage data.
  • Components – Ready to use, empowering track, simulation, and limiting components that are being delivered at an incredible pace according to specification.

We have rich experience in developing and integrating APIs for a wide range of our clients’ software applications. Our team consists of API experts and web application developers who are well versed with writing accurate, structured, secure, powerful, well-documented code design, ensuring the best performance of your web and custom software applications. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, the following

  • Payment Integrations.
  • Integration with XML / Java Script / REST-based APIs.
  • .NET integration.
  • Twitter API development.
  • Web API Integration and Development.
  • Integration with Oracle-based web services.
  • Shipping API Integration (FEDEX & UPS).
  • Integration with Google APIs (AdSense, Charts, YouTube, Finance, Maps, Search, Language, Geocoding, etc.).
  • Skype and Slack based API Integration.